We are in the top ten of the People 而且 Planet University League, 而且 play a crucial sustainable development role in the region, the UK 而且 globally.

Our Sustainability 而且 Climate Emergency Strategy (2021-2025) - aligned with the University's Strategic Vision 而且 Purpose - sets out how we operationalise our Sustainability 政策, 而且 commits us to actions across four key themes: The Climate Emergency, Our Natural Environment, Our Working Environment 而且 bet9九州体育网址的旅行.

We also contribute to other key sustainable development goals: 幸福 而且 Human 健康幸福 of Future Generations 和 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, working collaboratively with our 研究社区 to achieve a better 而且 more sustainable future for all.

Click on the images below to learn about our sustainability story 而且 how you can help us build it:

Meet the Sustainability Team